LITEMAN Mobile Spotlights can be used for a wide variety of applications. They are easy to move
with its heavy-duty wheels and footbrake device, or by its dedicated hoisting frame. They can be extended up to 6 meters by air spring mast with one movement operation. Mobile Spotlights are available in halogen and LED lamps.

  • PB420F(folding type) 400WX2 Lamps
  • PB420-LED Led 180W x 2 lamps
  • PB440A (Auto Mast, Auto Waving) 400WX4 Lamps
  • PB440-LED Led 180W x 4 lamps
  • PB440(Rescue) 400WX4 Lamps
  • PB1200-LED Led 400W x 2 Lamps
  • PB440SP (Self-propelled) 400WX4 Lamps
  • PB1300 1000WX3 Lamps