LITEMAN Trailer Series are ideal for heavy duty and extended use. They are designed to be towed by a vehicle to the operation site. The electronic hydraulic mast can extend up to 9 meters and can rotate 360 degrees. Our dual tank configuration can run continuously for up to 16 days without refueling. Trailer Series are available in halogen and LED lamps, including balloon system.

  • PB 1600THW 1000W x 6 lamps
  • PB 1600TMW 1000W x 6 lamps
  • B 1600THWHL 1000W x 6 lamps
  • PB 3000BT 1000W x 3
  • PB1600THW-LED
  • PB1600THW-HL-LED
  • PB 1400TMW 1000W x 4 lamps