LITEMAN Balloon Lights provides 360 degrees of glare free lighting for up to 100 meter radius. They are ideal for wide area illumination for construction sites, road maintenance, rescue operations, and military and law enforcement use. They provide a large light source and increase safety for workers during nighttime operations in comparison to traditional lights. Balloon Lights provide ample light to a work area but eyes are never blinded by glare even if directly looking at the light. Balloon Lights can be powered by its rugged generator or through a universal 220V output.

  • PB1000BA 1000WX1 Lamp or LED 1000Wx1 Lamps
  • PB2000B 1000WX2 Lamps
  • PB1000B 1000WX1 Lamp or LED 1000Wx1 Lamps
  • PB3000B 1000WX3 Lamps
  • PB 1100-1000B (1000W Floodlight + 1000W Balloon Light)
  • PB1200-2000B (2000W Floodlight + 2000W Balloon Light)